We believed in Change and We are constantly changing no matter what our situations may be. In Advent Transformation, Founder Cassiopea Yap believed the Self requires a radical alteration in the way we think, do and commute with one another. Change is essential for survival, and all life forms must adapt to fluctuating circumstances. 
We help new authors, entrepreneurs, and individuals get the exposure and success they deserve by creating and publishing their own books. In line with the mission, we are determined to promote competent and high-integrity clients who are able to apply the three I’s in their works - Inspire, Impart, and Influence people through their books.
Cassiopea Yap is a mother, wife, business entrepreneur, coach, consultant, author, and certified trained therapist in the UK and USA. She obtained her Diploma from the London College of Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH) in the UK and Tan Tock Seng Hospital in Singapore.

She is the winner of 1st IWFCI’s Xtraordinary Women 2012 and was featured in Channel New Asia 2017, The Straits Times 2018, TikTok Official Edu Creator 2020, and interviewed by CNA938-Singapore Stories & Money Mind 2021.

As an entrepreneur, she challenged the norm, took a risk, and stepped out of her comfort zone to start her own company which has been running since 2007.  She also brings a lifetime of experience, having previously owned and operated several different businesses. From then on, her entrepreneurial spirit runs in her blood. Her confidence, remarkable energy and perseverance see her through many proactive coupled with excellent business acumen, and good foresight bringing her business to greater heights. 

As a Mentor, she hopes to inspire her personal life experiences in all areas to deal with life's challenges through humour and motivational spirit. Her core message is focused on teaching success strategies and life lessons that provide the tools to Live Life with FULL CONVICTION.

Cassiopea aims to bring out the best in people, to help them achieve goals and take charge of their lives. Participants leave her presentations with more hope, courage, happiness and opportunities.


Cassiopea Yap is the author of Cass by the Garden - Love & Forgive. This book suits you who are looking for new clarity in your life. This book tells about how our founder, Cassiopea Yap, converted the pain in her life into power. She succeeds in turning all her life's struggles, mistakes, and unfortunate circumstances into a favourable and profitable situation.

She also tells us to view misfortunes from a clearer and more understanding perspective. She shares her trials and tribulation journey in this book.
Cass by The Garden - Love & Forgive is a simple go-to guide and list for you who want to make changes due to the similar scenarios she has been dealing with.
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