We understand what is lacking in the market. Some people dream of publishing their book yet they don't have enough knowledge and experience in the writing and publishing field. This is where Advent Transformation jumps in. You will get a minimum of 60-minute One-on-One consultation sessions where you will receive insights from the expert and the strategies to navigate your story, how to be creative, and how to be open-minded. Many of our clients stated that the consultation sessions gave them full exposure to their books, and helped them discover more about themselves and their strengths.
Writing is crucial as we need to use the right tonality, reader’s language and techniques to bring our story to life. With us, not only we will help you write with your desired style that captures WHO YOU ARE as an author. We also use keywords that speak the readers’ language and consistently do market research (including SEO) on your book’s demographic suitability.
We also write differently for different book genres be it a memoir, fiction, novel, poetry, self-help, and many more.
Editing is another time-consuming process, and it can be stressful if you do it by yourself as you will go through a lot of proofreading from one amendment to another. With us, our editors will polish and enhance the major points, draw attention to where the readers should focus, and proofread the copywriting from time to time to ensure all is perfect before printing and publishing.
Not all writers have the ability to design like a professional. When it comes to books, your reader’s first impression is very crucial and it depends on your book design. What does it mean? Besides offering them a glimpse of what your book is about, the design also plays a major role in standing out and attracting readers to purchase and read. In our team, we are very selective in choosing our designers to meet the standards. We choose professionals who have a good understanding of the state-of-the-art that incorporate the latest technology, ideas, and features applied in the market.
In this step, you are getting closer to becoming a best-selling author!  Our team will help you with the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) registration and application through the National Library Board (NLB) - Yes, your book will be displayed at the National Library Singapore! This step is so important yet is often overlooked when one has never published any book before. We also help you to digitise it into an e-book and sell it through popular online platforms such as Amazon and Kindle. 
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