“Ms. Yap has been a wonderful collaborator, providing valuable advice at every step of the production process. As a first-time writer myself, I relied on her expertise to guide me on how to present my thoughts in the book. Additionally, she helped me assess the appropriateness of the contents, as a few paragraphs in my book were too distasteful. Her experience as an editor was invaluable, and I feel fortunate to have received her assistance.”
Tay Seng Chuan
"STORIES UNTOLD - Diary Of A Volunteer Hairdresser"
This book is a compilation of conversations with individuals who had their haircuts performed by the Author. Some conversations are inspiring, while others reveal the adversities that people face. Together, they portray the tapestry of life experience. The pictures have been homogenised so that the identities of the various individuals are kept confidential. The Author hopes that these conversations provide a deeper reflection on the lived experience of others.
“I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to Cassiopea Yap. Cass, your involvement in this journey has been pivotal, and without you, I have no doubt that my aspiration to write a book would have remained an unfulfilled dream. Your unwavering dedication and expertise have provided the necessary structure and knowledge to bring my dream to fruition.”
William Heng
"Reinvention - The Art Of Surviving Career Disruption"
This book is designed as a workbook with activities for the readers to develop skills in reinventing themselves to cope with business and career disruptions. This book is organised into five parts spanning three phases of the career-building process: Pre-Employment, Employment, and Maintenance.

The objectives of this book are threefold: firstly, to raise awareness of the significance of Career Disruption. Second, to present a system to help those whose careers have been disrupted to navigate this career-rebuilding process smoothly with as little disruption as possible. The third objective highlights the skills workers need to succeed in a workplace saturated with digitalisation, artificial intelligence, and other technological advancements.
“Advent Transformation is one of the most established publishers, and they provide a one-stop seamless approach from the moment I start writing until it is being printed. Cass is a professional publisher, and working with her is fun and makes life a memorable time spent.”
Ethan Cheong
"Through Seasons for a Reason"
God’s grand design is the seasons of life. Throughout his life journey, Ethan Cheong sees it as a constantly changing season. From being seen as the most resilient in the family, the brightest in the room, the world wanderer, to the leader of his own family and the fighter against Parkinson’s Disease, Ethan firmly believes that each season in life is designed for a reason to help us become a better individual ultimately and to prepare us for a greater future.

Through this heartfelt memoir, Ethan wishes to help and inspire millions of people, especially those fighting Parkinson’s Disease (PD). Despite the limitations that he has at the moment, Ethan is still the man of his dreams. He will continue to enlighten people with his story, spread positive messages, and even pursue a career as a health coach to help people eat healthily and live happier life.
“I chose Advent Transformation because I saw a YouTube advertisement and I was moved by the message - the question that they gave “how do you want to be remembered?” then I decided to create my legacy through my book. It truly helps me to have the courage to tell my story and take ownership of it.”
Liesl Massang
"Lizzy’s Journey Of The Heart"
Through this book, Liesl shares her life experience from a family struggling with a cycle of negativity. She talks about the imperfection in her parents, the mental health issue that her mother had, the lonely childhood that she vividly remembers what it felt like, and how she found refuge and coping mechanisms when the home was in no way near bearable.

From daydreaming about what could have possibly happened differently to making a change and providing a better life for her own family, Liesl embraces her past. She shares it with the readers to inspire and empower them. The faith we have, the commitment we keep, and the hardships we overcome are the main things that shape us, not our imperfections or weaknesses. This book is both for fellow parents and the younger generation who need affirmation to continue believing in their worth and intention to have a better life. Your heart is the compass of your life journey — listen to it, follow it.
“I have no experience in book writing. Then I found Advent Transformation through Google Search. It was such a good experience. They guided me through the process and helped me focus on the important topics for my book.”
Philippe Ng
"What Happened"
Philippe Ng is a retired marine engineer who holds a Class 1 certification in Marine Diesel. He has served as a technical superintendent within the local marine sector and has travelled to over 30 countries. He became a Christian during his secondary school days through The Navigators (Singapore) and worshipped at Thomson Road Baptist Church during his youth.
It was not until the death of his mother which set him on the path to seek
the truth in Christianity and write this book. The title of the book
manifests the relentless pursuit of truth, acquainting the reader with
history and world events.

"What Happened" is a history book which includes a timeline to trace the gospel of Jesus Christ. Over 1,000 copies of this book were sent to Cambodia as a tool to support Missionaries throughout their journey. 
"For anybody who wants to begin the adventure of writing a book, Advent Transformation would be highly recommended. Because then, you will have someone who will guide you by the hand and have you journey into your first book and much more to come!"
Pastor Clarence Goh
"Called to Soar"
"Called to Soar" is a reflection on the book of Joshua. Pastor Clarence Goh accepted the Lord Jesus in an Anglican Church in the early 1970s where he became an active lay member. In 1977, under the auspices of that church, he led a Bible study group to start a house church in his home in Depot Road. Over the course of two years this group grew in numbers. Together with the members of two other house churches, they became the founding members of the Chapel of Resurrection at St Andrew’s Junior College in Malan Road. Feeling restless, Pastor Clarence left the Chapel of the Resurrection in late 1979 and, together with three friends, started an independent church known as The King’s Sanctuary. From here, Pastor Clarence gave up his secular work to serve as a full-time pastor. While pastoring, he went to Singapore Bible College, graduating in May 1985.
It was during this period that The King’s Sanctuary collaborated with Pastor Rony Tan from Lighthouse Evangelism for an Evangelistic Meeting in 1984 and was called by God to join Pastor Rony Tan. Pastor Clarence has been serving in Lighthouse Evangelism since that time. Pastor Clarence served as the Overseas Crusade Director in Lighthouse Evangelism from 1987-2008. Together with Pastor Rony, these Crusades drew crowds in the tens of thousands in places such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Fiji and Singapore.
“I was looking for a writer to write about my life. Then, I discovered Advent Transformation through an advertisement and met Cassiopea Yap. I just need to tell my story and then they will do the rest. I would recommend my friends, if they want, to do the same thing.”
Cheong Mun Sang
"As The Wind Blows"
"Through “As the Wind Blows” I vividly recount my purposeful life journey starting from the family I grew up in, to the stormy days of losing my beloved wife in a car accident, to my personal journey in trusting the Lord’s plan and the life I spend now dedicated to serving the Lord and community.

“As the Wind Blows” is a closer look at one’s relationship with the Lord. The wind represents the Lord’s direction towards one’s life. As much as we wish to understand where life takes us and why we are experiencing what we are experiencing today, in the end, we must surrender to His destiny and put our trust in Him for He works through surrender and knows what’s best for us better than ourselves.

This book is a legacy for the future generation aimed at those who are trying to understand the circumstances in their lives and seeking light amidst the darkness and uncertainty of the current life phase, in hope that this journey of mine will inspire and help each of them."
"Initially I thought publishers only print books. Apparently there is so much to be done and it has been a good experience being a first timer! Cassiopea Yap is very patient discussing ideas and concepts of my book with me." 
Lim Swee Kee
"Jesus Makes New Wine out of Me"
"Jesus Makes New Wine out of Me" describes the Author's life journey and experiences in the mission field. New wine is made from grapes that have recently been crushed. Many of us are experiencing crushing and overwhelming times at this moment. Many of us are frustrated and lonely and desperate to find hope and meaning for the difficulties we face while adapting to the new way of life during this period of uncertainty. Some are a lot more hard-pressed than others, yet we are sure that few have been able to escape the heaviness that leaks slowly into our hearts and sometimes threaten to flood our minds with dark thoughts and threats of hopelessness. Yet it is exactly in these pressing times that God is doing a new thing.

"Book is a legacy to leave behind. If today I go home, all this experience will be gone. So what I'm going to impart now is the experience I gained through all these years. How I can impart to anyone as I made disciple, as I duplicate, as I continue to pass the legacy to the newer generation." 
"I have a very good experience working with Cassiopea Yap and Advent Transformation. Initially, I had a lot of ideas but it was very messy. Cass was very patient with me, helping me to distil my thoughts, hearing me out and eventually turning what I have in mind into a reality."
Joyz Tan Dunlin
"Let's Meet the Social Workers"
Joyz Tan Dunlin received her Bachelor of Arts (Social Work) from the National University of Singapore in 2003. She obtained a post-graduate Diploma in Kindergarten Education in 2016. Throughout her career, she noticed that many people are unfamiliar with the work that social workers do. As an initiative to live out the social worker’s role of Advocacy and Education, she decided to create this book "Let's Meet the Social Workers" as an introduction to social workers. She hopes that people will know how social workers can support them.

"Let's Meet the Social Workers" is an inspiring collaboration between mother and daughter. Tan Minxi loves Art and enjoys doodling characters. Among her many ambitions (a professor, an artist, a lawyer, etc), she has consistently aspired to become an illustrator. This is why when Minxi’s mother asked her if she wanted to help draw a book for children, she happily agreed. 

Minxi learnt about Digital Art techniques. She also learnt the importance of staying focused and having a better posture when doing work. She is now better aware of social issues in Singapore.
"Advent Transformation (mentored by Cassiopea Yap) understood that several factors may be involved in a given situation, took care of my personal space, and together we approached the following days with a positive attitude."
Shradha Agarwal
"Makeup. Portraits. Stories"
Shradha Agarwal is a celebrated makeup artist in Singapore’s entertainment industry. She has more than a decade worth of experience in makeup artistry. In her first book, Shradha Agarwal shares her practical tips on makeup from her years of working in Singapore’s entertainment Industry.

"Makeup. Portrait. Stories" also contains Shradha’s self-portrait works and firsthand insights from industry insiders and their stories of independence, ambition and courage. Besides, this book is to include simple, practical tips and time-saving techniques that Shradha use in her professional line of work so that the readers are excited to try them for themselves and have the tools to accentuate their best features.

"After the book, a lot of people tell me, 'oh Shradha, you are a pioneer in this field. None of the makeup artists has done a makeup book before" - said  Shradha proudly.
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